What is Numerologist.com?

Numerologist.com is a website that offers ebooks and customized profiles which aim to provide you, with an in-depth knowledge about yourself, your relationships, career, health, and your future. Basically, numerology is the study of the symbolism and significance of numbers in your life. In fact, numerology determines a person’s personality, talent, obstacles, emotional reactions, inner needs and ways of dealing with other people.

How does Numerologist.com work?

Numerologist.com uses their software to create various reports based on your name and the date of birth. It uses their own proprietary software and they specifically state that each number has an individual meaning to it. So it all comes down to the software, your name, and date of birth. Mike Madigan who is behind the website, manages the team of expert numerologists who do full readings and customized profiles. Mike uses a very unique and patented Predictive Numerology Method to create Numerology Charts, which he calls Destiny Maps. Anyone can receive a personalized numerology reading report for free.



The Outlook of the Report

The reports are customized to be unique for the viewer. The video is a combination of a narration backed by text. There is no option of skipping while watching it. However, you can pause it. The free report is a great way to test out their software and see how accurate their findings really are. The first video will focus on the birthday number, also referred to as the life path number. After this part, if you want to continue, you can go to the second video which will discuss the destiny number.


For the final part of the free report, you’ll need to enter your marital status because with the next number the report will reveal details about past and future relationships. The final video will be the most informative and analyzes many aspects of your personality. There are all included in the free report,  however, those who want to learn more can purchase the premium report once the video presentations are over.

With the purchase of the premium report, you’ll also find the ten reports and eBooks available for free, which are:

  1. The Phone phenomenon
  2.  Lo Shu Personality Exposer report which is useful to better understand the people in your life.
  3. Good Luck Amplifier that teaches you how to use numbers in order to increase your chances of success.
  4. Mastering the Matrix which focuses on the law of attraction.
  5. One Minute Relationship Forecast that teaches you to better understand your relationships with loved ones
  6. Wardrobe Secret, which will teach you how to choose clothes that are compatible with your personal energy.
  7. Sixty Second Palm Reader Guide that teaches the basics of palm reading.
  8. Your Lucky Stars.
  9. The Psychic’s Handbook claims it can teach how to uncover natural psychic abilities.
  10. A software package which is an online tool that will allow you to give instant readings to friends and family and generate lucky numbers.

Pros and Cons


  1. There is a free version which gives you the opportunity to test the program and confirm that it truly suits you before deciding to purchase.
  2. Money Back Guarantee, his product has one of the longest refund periods, an entire year. If you are not happy with your report or you felt that it wasn’t very accurate you can contact the customer service team for a full refund within 365 days.
  3. Detailed information, the reports on the site are very detailed and have anything from 70 to 100 pages of comprehensive information.


  1. Not for some religions, this service is not for those who are very religious. You may be resistant to numerological readings, psychic readings, and other occult practices.
  2. A lot to read: the reports are only available in the digital format and each report can be  70 to 100 pages, which would take non-readers some hours to go through. So if you wish to get a hardcover version without printing the reports out yourself, then Numerologist.com is not exactly for you.


Is Numerologist.com Scam?

The program has one of the longest refund periods. The reports are easy to read, understand, and 100% unique, tailored to your name and birthday. If you are a believer, I highly recommend this program for you, and if you did not like it for any reason you can have your money back. So the answer is no it is definitely NOT a scam.

Final Thoughts:

Numerologist.com contains a lot of valuable info that could be life-changing for very many people. However, If you feel that it disagrees with your faith, then you probably won’t be convinced by the truthfulness or accuracy of these reports. If you’re already a numerology follower and you’re ready to transform your life through good decision making regarding your financial situation, career, family life, or even your current relationship, then the reports provided by Numerologist.com can give you the confidence you need to make these important changes.

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