Clickfunnels Pricing: How Much Does Clickfunnels Cost Per Month?

ClickFunnels Pricing Guide

If you already know what is Clickfunnels you may be ready to start with Clickfunnels and wondering how much does Clickfunnels cost per month and which pricing plan is the most suitable one for your business.

I’m going to walk you through the pricing plans of the actual Clickfunnels software well as the pricing of other products in the Clickfunnels system.

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Quick Overview Of ClickFunnels Pricing

If you are wondering how much does Clickfunnels cost per month in a nutshell? There two pricing packages that start with $97/month and offer 100 landing pages, 3 domains, and 20 sales funnels. It goes up to $297/month packages that offer unlimited landing pages and sales funnels plus 9 domain names. Once you decide to pay for a yearly or 6-months plan upfront you can get up to 44% discount.

How much does ClickFunnels cost?

Clickfunnels has three main pricing plans and the basic plan costs $97/month, the second most popular Clickfunnels pricing plan that is also called Clickfunnels Platinum costs $297/month. The last and the most expensive pricing plan which is also called ClickFunnels Two Comma Club X costs $2,497/month.

Based on the number of landing pages, sales pages, domain names, traffic, and other factors you can decide which platform is the best for you.

ClickFunnels Pricing Options

Clickfunnel’s main product has 5 pricing plans based on the features that each plan offer. You can see the main difference between each plan in the table below and how much it costs per month.

Startup plan Start Your Free Trial Here$97 per month
Etison Suite(Full) plan Start Your Free Trial Here – $297 per month
Two Comma Club X $2,497 per month
Funnel Hacks 6 monthStart Funnel Hack – $1997 for 6 months
Funnel Hacks 12 monthsStart Funnel Hack – $2997 for 12 months

Before you start with any plan make sure to check out the one funnel away challenge where you can learn how to effectively create a successful funnel from people who have already done over 1 million dollars in transactions using this platform. Click here to start.

Plan Features Start Up – $97/monthEnterprise – $297/monthTwo Comma Club X
Funnels✔️20 Funnels✔️Unlimited Funnels✔️Unlimited
Pages✔️100 Pages✔️Unlimited✔️Unlimited
Visitors✔️20,000 Visitors✔️Unlimited Pages✔️Unlimited
Custom Domains✔️3 Custom Domains✔️Unlimited Domains✔️Unlimited
BackpackNot Included✔️Included✔️Included
ActioneticsNot Included✔️Included✔️Included
Affiliate IntegrationNot Included✔️Included✔️Included
Payment Gateways3927
✔️Sales Funnels and all the features mentioned above.✔️All Startup features, + :✔️All Startup features, + :
✔️Priority Support✔️Priority Support
✔️Priority Template Requests✔️Priority Template Requests
FunnelFlixLimitedAlmost UnlimitedUnlimited

ClickFunnels Pricing Structure

How much does Clickfunnels cost per month? Clickfunnels pricing

How much does ClickFunnels cost per month?

As you can see both plans offer 14-Day free trial and after the free trial the standard plan costs $97 per month and enables you to have:

✔️Up to 20 funnels

✔️Up to 100 pages

✔️Send Up to 20,000 visitors

✔️Have up to 3 custom domain names

However, the platinum plan which is also called Etison Suite plan costs $297 per month and allows you to have:

✔️Unlimited funnels

✔️Unlimited pages

✔️Send unlimited visitors

✔️Have up unlimited custom domain names

✔️Actionetics: This is a complete autoresponder where you can create or import your list, build a follow-up funnel, design, and customize your emails for specific purposes.

✔️Backpack: With Clickfunnels backpack you can easily set up your affiliate program and integrate with your funnels and email automation. Also, this feature is a great method to promote your products and services while saving money on your marketing budget.

Clickfunnels 14 days free trial

Clickfunnels allows you to test the program for 14 days and if you were happy with the product you can continue with your plan. If you decided to cancel your membership for any reason you can simply cancel it without any fees or penalties.

Clickfunnels 14 days free trial

How much is Clickfunnels after the free trial?

For 14 days you can test all the features of the program and you won’t be charged anything during this 14 days trial period. After the trial period expires Clickfunnels standard plan costs $97/month and the platinum plan costs $297/month.

With Clickfunnels 14 day free trial you also get access to a lot of training, free templates, and bonuses that you can see below.

Clickfunnels pricing plans and bonuses

Once you start with Clickfunnels 14-Day free trial you will access to the following bonuses:

Product Secrets…… ($97 Value)

Funnel Builder Secrets…….. ($1,997 Value)

Ad Skills……..  ($498 Value)

Tony Robbins Private Collection……..  ($997 Value)

 100+ Funnel Templates……..  ($1,997 Value)

Funnel Hacker Forum……..  (Priceless!)

FREE Book Funnels Templates

 FREE Webinar Funnels Templates

FREE Product Launch Funnels Templates

FREE High Ticket Funnels Templates

Clickfunnels Pricing: Everything that is included in your plan

Funnel Builder Secrets Pricing

Once you started with a standard plan and you felt that the basic plan is not enough for your business and you decided to upgrade to the Etison Suite(platinum) plan there are a couple of ways to save money if you are willing to invest a bit more upfront.

The best deal that you can get on Clickfunnels is to purchase a 12-month plan of Funnel Builder Secrets upfront. This is going to cost you $2,997 for 12 months which means you pay $249.75 per month. You will also get

✅ FREE Funnel Hacks Master Class

✅ FREE Traffic Secrets Membership

✅ FREE Funnel Builder Secrets Training

✅ FREE Access to FunnelFlix

✅ 12 Months Free Access to Funnel Scripts

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you purchase the 6-month plan you are going to pay $1,997 which means you are going to pay $332.83. Although you will get all the bonuses of the 12-month plan the actual price going to be higher than the Etison Suite plan which is $297. If you go with a 6-month plan you are not going to save any money.

One Funnel Away Challenge Pricing

The One Funnel Away Challenge is a 30-day training program in the Clickfunnels ecosystem. This is a step by step guide on how to launch your first funnel.

The course is provided by Russell Brunson who is is the co-founder of ClickFunnels, Julie Stoian(a 7 figure entrepreneur), and Stephen Larsen. He conducts the live group calls and is basically your accountability coach.

They walk through building your successful funnel, the price of One Funnel Away Challenge is $100 and you will get the following bonus as part of this package:

✅ 30 Days of Video Missions from Russel Brunson($997 value)

30 Days of Coaching From Stephen Larsen & Julie Stoian($997 value)

One Funnel Away Challenge Customized Kit($247 value)

BONUS: Physical Copy of the Challenge Workbook($97 value)

BONUS: MP3 Player($297 value)

BONUS:30 Days Hardcover Book($97 value)

BONUS: Unlimited Access to 30 Days Interviews($197 value)

BONUS: Behind the Scenes Two Comma Club Interviews($197 value)

Traffic Secrets Pricing

Traffic secrets is a new book from Russell Brunson, as you can tell from the name of the book it teaches how to get more traffic into your funnel and website to grow your business. Also, Russell Brunson is offering Traffic Secrets for FREE but you just need to pay for the shipping though.

DotCom Secrets Pricing

Dotcom Secrets is written by Russell Brunson is about getting more traffic to your website and increasing conversions. It’s a playbook that tackles the underlying symptoms of low traffic and conversions to exponentially grow your company online. It was created for entrepreneurs to start, promote and grow their companies. Russell Brunson is offering dotcom Secrets for FREE but you just need to pay for the shipping though.

dotcome secrets

Expert Secrets Pricing

Expert Secrets is another book from Russell Brunson that covers all the areas of business and mindest in your business. It is a step by step advice to create a sales webinar, generate more leads, and close high ticket coaching clients. In addition, you can also get Expert Secrets for FREE(shipping is not included).

Software Secrets Pricing

Software secrets book is a training system that teaches how to create and launch your software in the next 90 days. The book is by Garrett Pierson and Scott Brandley and is marketed by Russell Brunson. The authors have successfully launched multiple million-dollar software businesses.

This book a great help if you don’t know any coding and you are not sure where to start what to create. The price of Software Secrets is $27 and you’ll get a FREE audiobook as well the physical copy of it.

If you decided to go for the software secrets full bundle the program will cost $1977 and you’ll get access to the following bonuses:

Funnel Scripts Pricing

Funnel Scripts is a copywriting software that can help you write and create compelling copies for your business that can drive more customers to your offer.

The software will take care of your copies and all you have to do it to select from different scripts for different scenarios and fill out the blanks for your specific situation. The software will create a script that you can your for your business based on your needs.

The price of Funnel Scripts for unlimited subscription is a one-time payment of $797. Also, if you are still skeptical about buying this offer you can start with a FREE Trial and test it before buying it.

How can I get ClickFunnels for free?

If you are trying to get ClickFunnels for FREE I have to advise you that there is no legitimate way to get this software free of charge unfortunately. Well, the only way to get this software free is by testing it during their free trial period for 14 days.

ClickFunnels gives a 14-day free trial to all its customers and is available in both limited and business plans. You’ll have access to all the most important ClickFunnels features over those 14 days to see if the platform meets your business needs.

ClickFunnels Pricing Final Thoughts: Is It Worth It?

The price of Clickfunnels starts from $97/month and it goes up to $2,977/year. When we compare this sales funnel builder with other competitors we can tell that it is not the cheapest option in the market.

However you can see most of the products on products on Clickbank(which is an online retailer with a global presence and an extensive affiliate network) use Clickfunnels to sell their products. That is becauces this platform is pretty easy to use and offers a lot of free step by step valuable training that can be a good start point for any entrepreneurs who does not want to be too dependent on other third party companies or even developers to do the taks for them.

So in my opinion i does worth it, i also used this platform and created my online course that is doing pretty well, so i would say YES.

However, it really depends on what you really want. If you are looking for software to create simple landing pages, you have less than 1,000 contacts and you don’t need a complete sales funnel you may need to look into other options like Getresponse that costs almost half the price.

Here is an article about Clickfunnels vs Getresponse that you can see the difference between these to platforms. When you just starting out it is recommended to pay less and then scale up.

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