What is the best Amazon Research Tool?

When doing research to find a product to sell on Amazon, it’s essential to have a software to analyze products which can give you a clearer picture of the competition, sales and market potential for each product. While software is essential, which one should you use? There is a wide range of options available that can make it difficult to know which is the best one to choose. However, Jungle scout, Amz Scout, and Viral-Launch are the top three software you can use for your product research. But which is the best to use?

I’m assuming you already know that jungle scout is the first Amazon research tool in the market. But Is it the best tool in the market as well?

I am not going to compare the extra buttons that some of them may have, I’m sure there are heaps of websites out there comparing those features. I’m going to compare the most important aspect of the product research tool which is the accuracy of the data, especially sales estimates and exact search term volume.

With better sales estimates and keyword data, You will be able to precisely optimize your listings, thus improving their search rankings significantly.

amzscout vs jungle scout vs viral launch

Personal experience:

I started using jungle scout back in 2017 and managed to find a reasonable product which is still selling well(that’s good ha).  Recently I decided to add a new product using jungle scout web tool. After setting the filters, the software started showing a lot of high-profit product. However, after checking those products through other tools I noticed a considerable number of them does not really sell that well!

I decided to check the sales estimate on my own product using jungle scout and noticed, it shows more than the actual sale. Apart from all the good features of jungle scout, you may end up wasting a lot of time checking useless products. However, what I like about jungle scout web app is the feature that lets you exclude certain keyword that can potentially save you time. This feature is missing in Viral-Launch and Amz Scout.

What does overestimation mean for a seller?

Overestimation increases the risk of loss, if you compare AMZScout and  Viral-launch with Jungle Scout, the first two products do not overestimate the sales. This means You will not purchase too many of certain product and avoid probable losses and excess inventory fees So, you will simply be on the safe side!

On average, Jungle Scout estimates the sales 8-10% higher than AMZScout. It might be a big difference – especially for a seller with a low margin.


 What is the best tool to find a good product to sell on Amazon?

I’m assuming you already know the difference between the web app and the Chrome extension, and in order to sell on Amazon, you are going to need to need both of them. What I do recommend is to use two different software to make sure the result is accurate. Personally I quite like the Amz scout chrome extension since it is a solid product and provides fairly accurate sales estimates. Although their sales estimate is lower than the actual sale(which I personally prefer) it’s better not to be too optimistic about the sales.

So, you can start by using Viral-launch web app to search for products and then check the accuracy of the sales of the product you came across, with Amz scout chrome extension.

Using this method:

  1. You are not overestimating the sales.
  2. You have checked with two different resources that can increase the chance of sales accuracy.
  3. Potentially increases profit.

Price Comparision:

Amz Scout

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Product Name:Price:Discount Price:
Chrome Extension Lite$97$44.99
Chrome Extension Pro$197$159
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Growing Web App$39.99/month$35.99/month
High Volume Web App$59.99/month$54.99/month


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Product Name:Price:Discount Price:
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Data Hunter$399/month$279.30/month

Jungle Scout

Product Name:Price:
Entrepreneur Web App$39/month
Growing Web App$69/month
High Volume Web App$99/month
Chrome Extension Lite$97/month
Chrome Extension Pro$197/month