What Is PLR Content, And What It Stands For?

What is PLR Content?

If you are wondering what is PLR content what it stands for and how you can use plr content to make money then you’ve come to the right place. Well, have you ever loved having your own brand of digital products? Not just one product but multiple products on different topics and niches? Here’s a BIG barrier: Creating your own Information Product demands plenty of TIME, EFFORT and knowledge EXPERTISE on your part. We’re talking about weeks if not months and years. 

If you have faced the same barrier there is a certain type of content called PLR that will make your life easy when you creating your own info product. If you haven’t come across this term before and wondering “what is PLR content” here are the basics:

What is PLR

What Does PLR Stand For?

PLR stands for “Private label rights”. It is a sort of product that comes with a special type of right or license through which you are legally allowed to edit, change or modify it however you want and publish it as your own.

The concept of PLR products for physical and digital products are slightly different. When you see the name of a chain store or a supermarket on a product, it does not mean they have produced the product. What they normally do is to purchase in bulk from a generic manufacturer and private label the products and stick their label on it. This is how PLR works and a lot of people are using the same concept to sell on Amazon using Amazon FBA.

What is PLR Content In Digital World?

PLR digital products are way more flexible than physical products. Generally, a physical product with PLR right gives you this option to put your label on it, and it is not normally easy to modify the actual product that much(in most cases).

Consider a pen with PLR right what you can do is basically do is just changing the label and put your own label on it.

Now consider an Ebook, article or any digital content online, not only you can put your logo or label on it you can add more sections and modify it however you would like. Once you purchase a PLR content you can treat it as your own content and finished product.

Types of PLR Content:

Here is a list of plr products that you can find online:

  • Software
  • E-books
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Articles
  • Training Courses
  • Graphics Packs / Graphic Designs
  • Done-For-You Email
  • Mindmaps, Cheatsheets, Reports & Much More

Once you purchase the private label rights online content, you can treat it as either a finished product or a rough draft of your own. It’s on you to edit, modify, transform or publish it in any way you want.

What is PLR Article?

One of the most common types of PLR content is a PLR article. PLR articles are a new method of creating content that can be used for a blog post, ebook, and other digital media. As we already mentioned you are legally allowed to edit and publish the content as you own. You can also add your own name or brand at the end of this type of article. The main advantage of using PLR article is the fact that is not expensive, it is faster to produce content and in most cases, it has a reasonable quality.

If you would like to produce a quality article for a blog post or an ebook you may need to avoid just copy and pasting content and sticking your own name as an author. Because if you do this, you simply not going to rank. If you would like to use PLR articles, in this case, is to use some part of the article that has great quality and add your own twist to it.

However, if you like to use the article for your new subscribers or to provide more value to your email list without allocating too much time you may just use the exact article and add your own name or brand to it.

Why buying PLR products?

The main reason to use PLR content is to make the whole process of content creation faster and your life easier. If you have a business, you may be required to create a lot of content. PLR product can provide the base material for you so you don’t have to do it all yourself and save a good amount of time.

Creating your own content from scratch in some cases is the same as reinventing the wheel. When the content is already available at a reasonable price why would you create it again? All you need to do is find the PLR content and modify it the way you like and make it better.

This is exactly what I have done in the post you are reading right now! 😉 some parts of this post are literally just a copy-paste from a PLR article and I have just modified it to make it better. You can use the same concept for your content as well so you can save a lot of time…

How to make money from PLR products?

PLR products are a great tool to make extra money online and you don’t even have to create any product. All you have to do is to get a quality PLR product, make some minor changes and sell it for yourself.

Here are some of the methods through which you can make some money with PLR products.

  • Selling The Products Directly On Your Blog or Site.
  • Selling The Products To Your List.
  • Selling The Products Through Direct Advertisement.
  • Using PLR Articles To Create An Autoresponder Series.
  • Using The Content In Your Website.
  • Using The Content In Your Newsletter.
  • Using Them For New Content Research Ideas.
  • Submitting The Content To Sites That Allow Content Submission.
  • Using The Content To Build Websites To Flip Later on.
  • Using The Content To Build Websites To Earn Directly.
  • Using The Products To Run Your Own Membership Sites.
  • Using The Content For Commenting and Social Media Engagements.
  • By Offering The Content To Affiliates Promoting Your Products.

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In order to be able to make some serious money with this type of product. You need to provide value to your audience so you need to pick a quality PLR content. Here are some of the better options out there:

What is the best PLR membership site?

Three of the best platforms you can use are HQPLRStore, IDPLR and DOWNLOAD PLR PRODUCTS.

If you’re just searching for something to augment your income, then you definitely would want something that won’t get too much of your time. What HQplrStore.com is offering is something which allows you to earn money with the minimum amount of effort required. The particular 30-day trial is also the most important features because it enables you to experience the business itself along with almost no strings attached. You are free to see for yourself when it is indeed fit for your way of living and personality. How to make money with this platform?

JOIN HQPLRStore from the official website and get free Bonuses!

The other platform is IDPLR which has thousands of items in their database that’s why it’s easier to find stuff that may be useful for your own use, giveaways, or resale.

The website has over 6000 eBooks, 800+ software,  videos, and 1000’s of PLR articles. IDplr.com claims to offer more than the average PLR website. There’s an Ebook cover creator, tutorials for making money with PLR content and even free hosting is included within the membership.

They provide two basic memberships; the free, or “silver” membership and the paid one, or the “gold” membership.  Both guarantees you access to an extensive collection of stuff, but the free membership has a limit.

So you can start with the free membership and check it out. If you liked it then you can upgrade to the paid version, this is exactly what I did.


  • Thousands of PLR content here that you can download for your own use.
  • 500 PLR products for free members which is great.
  • IDPLR has a great range of PLR products from articles to video and even software, and majority of products have reasonable quality.
  • 24 hours contact support.


  • Free members do not get all access to the products.
  • Some of their products do not have great quality.

Join IDPLR from the official website!


The last platform is Download plr products.


  • A good amount of PLR content here that you can download for your own use.
  • Download plr products has a great range of PLR products from articles to video and even software.


  • You are unable to submit your own PLR content to the site.
  • Some of their products do not have great quality.

Join Download plr products from the official website!

What are master resell rights(MMR) and resell rights(RR)?

Some people think private label right, resel right, and master resell right have the same meaning, however, they all have different meanings. Master resell rights and resell rights both have less flexibility in comparison with private label rights. here are the differences:

Resell right

Resell right allows you to resell the product you purchased however you are not allowed to alter and modify the product and put your own name as the author or creator of it. Your customers are not allowed to pass it on and sell the product to their customers.

Master Resell right

There is one main difference between master resell right and resell right. Master resell right allows you to resell the product along with the reselling rights. Basically this allows you to sell the product as your own and sell it along with other products in their production line. This provides more flexibility for a seller to sell this product as their own. Your customers can also sell the products to their customers as well.

When you purchase a product with master resell right you may have a closer look at the term and conditions as there may be some limitations regarding where you can sell the product.

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