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Targeting is the most vital part of your Facebook ad campaign, if you don’t target the right audience then your ad is doomed to failure! The first thing you will have to do when it comes to setting the targeting for your Ad is set the demographics.


You select your Ad demographics from the following options:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Languages
  • Relationship Status
  • Education
  • Work
  • Ethnic Affinity
  • Generation
  • Parents
  • Politics (US)
  • Life Events

Once you have set your demographics then it’s on to the main ways of targeting your Ad to maximize your return.

There are several main ways for you target your ad you can target your
audience using the following:
Custom Audiences (email)
Website custom audiences
Look-alike audiences


One of the first ways to target your Facebook ads is by targeting their interests, when you do this you are targeting Facebook fan pages of people, groups, magazines or TV shows, that are similar to your industry
or niche.
For example, if you were running an ad about list building then you would target pages like AWeber, Infusionsoft, MailChimp, fans of these pages are interested in building an email list. Targeting interests are perfect for people who are just starting out, who don’t have an email list, or not getting a lot of traffic to their website so couldn’t use some of the other options that would require them to have a substantial email list or high volumes of traffic to their website.

Downsides of Targeting Interests

  1. The name of the Facebook page may not be available, sometimes when you are targeting fans of a particular page, when you type the page name in Facebook doesn’t recognize it even if it has a large fan base.
    The first thing to do is double check the exact name of the page (try copy and paste the name in.) if that doesn’t work then you may have to accept you can’t target them, it is just a strange Facebook glitch that some page names can be targeted and some can’t.
  2. To targeting the fans of another page is that you’re assuming that target pages have built a highly relevant audience. What if their fans were bought or brought in through poorly targeted
    advertising? So while interest targeting through is still a highly effective method of targeting you will want to set further targeting perimeters as soon as you possibly can to maximize your results and make your ad more highly targeted.




This is where you target your email list with your ad preferably your most valuable list, Including those who subscribed to your newsletter and those who bought from you.
To target your email list you need to take an existing list you have (emaillist) and export that list from your email service provider then you want to upload it to Facebook. Then once you have done that Facebook checks
your list against their database to see how many people they have on their database that match yours.
For this type of targeting to be effective then you need at least 100 matches, if you have a small list and you upload it and Facebook only finds 58 people that match, then it’s not going to work. Another good tip for this one is to Create ads that target your email subscribers who aren’t currently fans, this is especially good if you are looking to increase your likes. The advantages of this type of targeting are that it gives you another touch point with your subscribers, They’re getting your emails, but they may not open them, but now they get to see your ads. It’s another way you can be in front of them. However like all forms of targeting it has its disadvantages and for this
one it’s the size of your list for this type of targeting to work you need a
decent sized email list.


Website Custom Audiences is a way of targeting that lets you create Facebook ads of users who have visited your website. With WCA you can create any normal ad type. Your ad can be related to your Facebook page, a page post, offer, event or application. You can run ad’s targeting non-fans who visited your website to increase your number of relevant Facebook fans. With Website Custom Audiences, you can generate ads that target recent visitors to your site and entice them to like your Facebook page or sign up for your offers while your content is still fresh in their minds.
The main advantage of targeting website custom audiences is that you can reach well beyond your core fans and email subscribers and advertise to your website visitors that you would have otherwise missed.
The main disadvantage with website custom audiences is that your website needs to be receiving traffic.

The targeting for greater reach includes the top 5% of users while optimizing for similarity includes only the top 1%.
When you optimize for greater reach, that segment will include the list optimized for similarity, though it goes without saying this type of targeting is only a benefit if your Facebook fans are already well targeted.



How to target the right people in a shorter time?

You can use third-party tools like Social Interest Freak which is a new Facebook targeting tool that lets you uncover interests, behaviors, demographics and other advanced targets and then target a combination of these targets using the intersection, union, and exclusion. This is one of the easiest tools out there which lets you do this in such an easy drag and drop manner. It is a powerful Facebook Software that allows you to LASER-TARGET your Facebook Ad Campaigns. Check out Social Interest Freak in action below:



  • Facebook Interest ‘AND‘ targeting with as many levels as you would like. Super focus on your audience.
  • Advanced Targeting Parameters based on FB Users(education, job title, etc.)
  • Ability to omit details of pre-set Interest(s) in Facebook Ads Manager
  • You can also add that your Facebook Ad campaigns are only targeting Facebook Users with ‘certain online behaviors’, for example, Facebook Users that have spent $$$ online. [VERY powerful and smart] (never waste ads on Facebook users that have never spent $ online).
  • Advanced Targeting Parameters based on Facebook Users Income Levels and so much more.

Get instant access to  Social Interest Freak through the link below and receive following bonuses as part of your package:

Bonus #1

Bonus #2

Bonus #3


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